Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Oh, goodness me! 

I have 7 days of work left!  AND! I'm pretty much done with everything I need to do at work before I go so that I don't have several, very angry, government employees very angry with me! (Did I mention they would be angry?)

I'm a little giddy about this, can you tell?

Did I mention that my husband got laid off in the beginning of May?  Well, if not, he did.  And it's a damn good thing too.  I'm not sure how any of the stuff we need to do before we leave was going to get done without him home everyday.  I'm not even sure we're going to everything done, even with him home everyday.  He gets a lot done during the day while I'm at work, but there's still a ton of stuff to do when I get home.  Mostly because it's my stuff, or it's stuff he needs my input on.

Right now, for instance, I'm in the process of making sure all of our physical CDs are in our iTunes library so we can sell them at our yard sale this weekend.  If they don't sell, we're not taking them with us because they take up so much space, we'll just give them to Goodwill.

Next, I have to go through my photo albums, take out the pictures, decide which ones I want to keep, and throw the actual albums away.  Again, they take up too much space.  We'll take the pictures with us, but the albums can be trashed.

We're slowly making our way through our pantry and freezer items too.  Today, we defrosted and cooked in the slow-cooker a whole chicken that had been in our freezer for over a year.  We shredded the meat, fried up some taco shells, and had chicken tacos for dinner - they were scrummy!  Very soon, we won't have any food left, which is good because we're selling all of our kitchen stuff this weekend (or, at least hopefully).

Ok, that's all for now.  Lots to do!