Friday, November 4, 2011

Crappy Day Present Personality Profile

I was about to sign-up on the registry for Doing My Best's Crappy Day Present Registry and decided it was probably too much information for a comment.  So, I'll leave my answers to the prompts here.

Here goes:

  • What is your favorite color?
    • That depends. It used to be any color green, but my mother in law has overused this knowledge for the last 17 years and I think I'm over green.  Now, it's a toss-up between cobalt blue or maroon.

  • What is your favorite season?
    • My favorite season has always been spring.  It used to be because my birthday is in the spring, but now it's for a variety of reasons.  First, I love the way nature looks with the new green coming in.  Second, the smells of all of the flowers coming out.  Finally, both of my kids were born in the spring.  It just represents a new beginning to me.

  • What is your favorite treat?
    • I'm not sure I really have one.  I'm not much of a sweets person, so if I'm wanting something to eat but not really hungry I go for the savory.  Potato Chips are my absolute favorite snack - especially if I can dip them in my absolute favorite spinach dip (you should get some for yourself, it's sooooo good).

  • What is your favorite scent?
    • This is an easy one.  My favorite scent, hands down, is Lilac.  Maybe that's why I like spring so much, it's when the Lilac's come out.

  • What is your favorite ice cream coping mechanism?
    • Sleep.  I can deal with anything if I get enough sleep.  As far as ice cream goes, the only one I really like is Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie.  When it was off the shelves for a while several years ago I was devastated.  I was especially devastated when I was pregnant with my first and couldn't have my favorite flavor.  Did you know the reason why it went off the shelves for a while?  I used to live down the road from the factory in Vermont and I asked them one time.  It was because it used to be called Mint Oreo and Nabisco was pissed they weren't getting any royalties from the use of their name.  So, B&J's had to come up with a new name and a new cookie to make the ice cream.  Apparently, that took them years to accomplish.  I'm soooo glad it's back.

  • What do you like to do in your free time moments?
    • I don't really have any hobbies.  I like to roam around the internet reading blogs and tweeting.  Aside from that, I'm trying to make photography my hobby.  It used to be, and I was pretty good at it, but then kids and life got in the way and I stopped doing it.  What I really need is to figure out how to use Photoshop, maybe then I'll have more drive to do it.

  • What do you not enjoy doing, and why, but have to do anyway?
    • I'm not a huge fan of cooking, but I'm really good at it.  Also, if we want to eat something that isn't take out, I have to cook.  My husband is good at boiling water and putting a frozen pizza in the oven - that's about it.  In fact, he tells people he burns salads when they ask him if does any of the cooking.

  • If someone gave you money with the instruction that you had to spend it on something frivolous for yourself, what would you buy?
    • This is a tough one, it's been so long since I've been able to do this I don't know what it would be.  It would probably be something having to do with a getaway with my friends so I can have some time away from my kids and husband.

  • Do you have any decorating themes in your home/office?
    • There's lots of blue in my house, but I really think that is a result of the fact that I'm the only girl in the house.  Other than that, I'm not really a decorator.  I'd be happy with nothing but family pictures on the wall.

  • Is there something that you REALLY, REALLY like? (Burt's Bees, horses, cats, fairies, unicorns, birds, patriotic stuff, babies, chocolate, Diet Coke, etc....)
    • I'm a horse lover.  I started riding when I was 5 and was hooked.  When I started sleepaway camp at the age of 9, I always stayed an extra 2 weeks for the intensive horseback riding camp.  By the time I was 15 I was teaching english riding and jumping.  In fact, I was originally going to be a Veterinarian.  Unfortunately reality set in, and accounting seemed more practical.

  • What is the VERY! BEST! present you have ever received and why was it the best?
    • A 6 pack of Peppermint Mocha Creamer.  I'm a mint lover and my husband knows this.  He also knows that the Peppermint Mocha Creamer is only available around christmas.  So, he went online and purchased 6 containers of the powdered stuff and gave it to me for christmas one year.  I loved it because it showed that he really knew me and wanted to make me happy all year.
That's about it.  A few other things I think you should know about me:

  • I have a tendency to develop really bad acne.  Right now I'm on six different medications due to a horrific flare up while I was studying for the CPA exams.  So, no face creams, ok?
  • I have really dry skin (due to the acne medication, and the altitude I live in).  Not only do I have really dry skin, but my elbows are so dry it's almost disgusting.  I've tried everything I can think of for them and nothing has worked.  So, if you have miracle solution I'd love to know about it.
  • I'm always cold.  Especially at work, where it seems the air conditioning runs year-round.
  • I don't like nuts in my food, but I'll eat them by the handful.